The Nine Worlds Of Falkenbach Manifestations 1995 2013 Limited Edition 9xCDs

The Nine Worlds Of Falkenbach Manifestations 1995 2013 Limited Edition 9xCDs

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The Nine Worlds Of Falkenbach Manifestations 1995 2013 Limited Edition New CD Box Set

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All major works of FALKENBACH will finally be made available in lavish CD and vinyl box sets under the title "The Nine Worlds of Falkenbach (Manifestations 1995-2013)". These collectors' editions naturally include all of FALKENBACH's six studio albums from the cult debut "... en their medh riki fara... " (1996) until their latest full-length "Asa" (2013) with the addition of previously published bonus tracks such as 'The Heralder', 'Gjallar', 'Asaland', and all four extra songs of "Asa". A special highlight of this collection are the three much sought-after demos from early 1995/96- "Læknishendr", "Promo-Tape '95", and "... Skínn Af Sverði Sól Valtíva... ". These true rarities have been carefully restored and remastered from the original master cassettes by renowned German musician and producer Patrick W. Engel and officially released on CD and vinyl for the first time. Includes all studio albums: Læknishendr / Promo-Tape '95 /... Skínn Af Sverði Sól Valtíva... ,... en Their Medh Riki Fara... ,... Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri... , Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty, Heralding - The Fireblade, Tiurida, Asa

- Disc 1 - 1 Skirnir (1995 Demo Version) 2 Laeknishendr (1995 Demo Version) 3 Blond 4 Wuotan Imposuerunt 5 Infernum 6 Asaland (1995 Demo Version) 7 Galdralag (1995 Demo Version) - Disc 2 - 1 Ultima Thule (1996 Demo Version) 2 Asum Ok Alfum Naer... (1996 Demo Version) 3 Winternight (1996 Demo Version) 4 ... Into the Ardent Awaited Land... (1996 Demo Version) 5 Gjallar (1996 Demo Version) 6 Heathenpride (1996 Demo Version) 7 ... en Their Medh Riki Fara - Disc 3 - 1 Galdralag 2 Heathenpride 3 Laeknisheindr 4 Ultima Thule 5 Asum Ok Alfum Naer 6 Winternight 7 ... Into the Ardent Awaited Land 8 The Heralder - Disc 4 - 1 ... When Gjallarhorn Will Sound 2 ... Where Blood Will Soon Be Shed 3 Towards the Hall of Bronzen Shields 4 The Heathenish Foray 5 Walhall 6 Baldurs Tod - Disc 5 - 1 Vanadis 2 ... As Long As Winds Will Blow 3 Aduatuza 4 Donar's Oak 5 ... the Ardent Awaited Land 6 Homeward Shore 7 Farewell - Disc 6 - 1 Heathen Foray 2 ... of Forests Unknown 3 Hávamál 4 Gjallar 5 Roman Land 6 Heralder 7 Laeknishendr 8 Walkiesjar 9 Skirnir - Disc 7 - 1 Intro 2 ... Where His Ravens Fly 3 Time Between Dog and Wolf 4 Tanfana 5 Runes Shall You Know 6 In Flames 7 Sunnavend 8 Asaland - Disc 8 - 1 Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan 2 Wulfarweijd 3 Mijn Laezt Wourd 4 Bronzen Embrace 5 Eweroun 6 I Nattens Stilta 7 Bluot Fuer Bluot 8 Stikke Wound 9 Ufirstanan Folk - Disc 9 - 1 Beloved Feral Winter 2 En Lintinbluitin Faran 3 Return to Ultima Thule 4 I Svertar Sunna Luihtint

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